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WOM Leadership

Women of Martech is open to anyone passionate about helping women succeed. Women of Martech is designed to lift others, and to show how women individually and collectively play vital roles in the successes of their organizations and across martech.


Kathy Bryan
Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Media Solutions


Women of Martech is led by Kathy Bryan, Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Media Solutions. She believes the amplification of female successes will deepen the awareness of the contributions women bring to the martech industry.

Digital Media Solutions is the founding sponsor of Women of Martech.

Steering Committee


        Jen Capstraw                                    Lauren Curler

            Co-Founder / President                                     VP, Director of Product Innovation

                Women of Email                                                           LAB13 at MRM


        Amy Gesenhues                                Alyssa Griffin    

Senior Content Marketing Strategist                                     Director of Partnerships

                         Oracle                                                                     CoGo Labs


       Myrna Daramy                                  Natalie Mullen

      Founder, Martech Strategist         Market Leader, Banking & Mortgage

           Myrna & Co.                                                                    Jornaya


      Michelle Robbins                                    Colleen Liguori

         VP, Product Innovation          Regional Sr. Human Resources Leader

                      Aimclear                                                                       Amazon


            Amber Paul                                    Taryn Lomas

        DMS, SVP of Distribution                                         DMS, EVP of Insurance             

WOM Executive Director

Melissa Ledesma

DMS, Director of Content & Communications

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Women of Martech is helping the world recognize the power of women in our industry by sharing their contributions to innovate and move the industry forward.


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