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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women Trailblazers vs. Stereotypes

30 Nov 2020 2:11 PM | Women of Martech Content

Source: Adweek| Written By: Kim Im

What are the stigmas and limitations you’ve faced? Have you thought about how women have been negatively impacted by stereotypes?

At some point in your career, you or a woman you work with may have been associated with being too something. I’m hoping that something can reframed as a positive.

We’re collectively overcoming stereotypes, self-created or culturally imposed, one win at a time. One big win: Kamala “I’m speaking” Harris. Her historical entryway into vice presidential queendom is something we can all admire.

Listen to the podcast conversation below on these topics of typecasting:

Shattering The Stereotype

The following essays are a collection of strong female voices who came together as part of the Adweek Executive Mentee program. They have a united mission to elevate women in the workplace. I hope you’ll enjoy their varied perspectives as much as I did. Here are the ways they’re breaking in—and breaking out.

Too peppy

What’s wrong with being a cheerleader? Steph Beran Sanderson comes to terms—and full acceptance—with her spirited self.

Too introverted

Emmie Toyama faced a double stereotype of being seen as a quiet Asian American woman. Here, she offers tips on how to find your own spotlight.

Too difficult

Kelly Byrd wishes Black women weren’t viewed as too difficult. Read on to see why we need to celebrate them instead.

Too aggressive

And last, but not least, Charlene Coughlin asks us to become champions of the women who dare to speak up.

Source: AdWeek

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