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800 Strong & Growing

16 Feb 2021 8:00 AM | Kathy Bryan, WOM President

Women of Martech is 800 women strong and growing faster every day. Here’s a look at what’s ahead:

We’re launching a series of interviews this year that allow us to put a spotlight on the amazing women we’ve highlighted within Women of Martech Success Spotlights. These interviews let us learn more about the incredible women who make up Women of Martech and the greater martech industry. Recently, I conducted my first “Share Her Story” interview and had the chance to talk with Charlotte Gretter, head of martech for Omnicom Media Group, a true expert in her field. I can’t wait for our members to hear Charlotte’s story once the interview is edited.

I continue to be so impressed by the amazing women who represent the Women of Martech membership. During our 2021 membership survey, we asked people to describe professional successes from the past year, and the variety of achievements submitted was incredible, ranging from process to technology to team motivation and more. (Stay tuned for our report on that survey.)

Every time I look at this astounding group of women we have gathered, I am proud. Proud to be amongst you. Proud of everything we have accomplished to date and all the achievements yet to come. Proud to know we have assembled as a call to action to make a difference for ourselves and professional women of the future. 

Thank you, Women of Martech members, for coming together to amplify our voices, our achievements, our amazing successes. Individually we are powerful. Together, we are changing our industry.

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