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Not This Mom

15 Nov 2021 3:40 PM | Anonymous

Last month, I created a Halloween costume for my six-year old son. I tried repeatedly to get him to choose something I could buy… but alas, the only thing he wanted to be was Heatblast from Ben 10. Never heard of Heatblast? Neither have most people, hence why I had to make versus buy the costume.

After a trip to Michaels, I found myself standing at the dining room table with fabric, a glue gun and a picture of Heatblast on my phone thinking, “I’m not this mom.” Many glue burns and three weekends later, my son had his Heatblast costume, he was very happy and I was proud that I’d stepped outside my comfort zone.

During the costume-making process, I shared my “not this mom” feelings with Women of Martech Executive Director, Melissa Ledesma, and she said to me, “You most certainly are that mom… the kind of mom that does what it takes to make your kids happy.”

Melissa was right, and she made me think about the excuses we give ourselves. “I’m not this mom” felt to me like a statement on my preference for professional life versus homemaker life. But the statement was also an excuse I used to allow myself to throw money at problems when I could. And, believing I wasn’t a certain kind of mom, was creating false limitations by letting me define what I couldn’t or shouldn’t do.

Since that conversation with Melissa, I’ve removed “I’m not this mom” from my vocabulary. Instead of telling myself what I’m not, I’m reminding myself what I am. I’m a woman who is proud of her professional and personal success. I’m a woman who recognizes her luck and taps into her ambition to get things done. I’m a woman who realizes when she has the power to create… and I will allow myself to create without excuses or apologies.

And yes, you ARE that mom too! 

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