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Why We’re Amplifying The Successes Of Female Professionals

10 Apr 2020 11:37 AM | Melissa Ledesma (Administrator)

Author: Kathy Bryan

In 2016, during the tail end of Barack Obama’s presidency, the idea of “amplification” went viral as a way to help women’s voices be heard and their successes recognized.

Amplification, according to Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin, was the result of women expressing how they had to “elbow their way into important meetings [at the White House]. And when they got in, their voices were sometimes ignored.” So women teamed up. When one woman made an impactful comment, other women repeated it, giving credit to the woman who originated the idea.

Women across the U.S. struggle with the same challenge the White House women faced during the Obama administration and still face today. Holding just slightly more than one-quarter of executive and senior-level positions, women often find themselves under-represented during strategic meetings. Unfortunately, under-representation can sometimes result in female voices going unheard. Too often, women’s ideas go unshared and unexecuted.

While strategic amplification can work well to reinforce messages during meetings, broader amplification of female achievements has the potential to change perceptions even more dramatically. The problem isn’t that people believe female professionals don’t contribute meaningfully to their businesses and industries, they just don’t know how or when women contribute because many women are reluctant to share their contributions. In fact, according to behavioral economist Christine L. Exley, women may be “more averse to engaging in self-promotion, perhaps because of societal pressures or expectations.” Because women are often reluctant to self-promote, their achievements easily go unnoticed.

Women of Martech was designed to help the world learn more about successful women and their accomplishments. By broadly promoting the contributions women are making within the martech industry, we believe we can show the impact women are making for all of us. There are two ways you can help: become a Women of Martech member or share Women of Martech news with your network. Working together, we’ll change perceptions and change the future.

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