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Now Is The Time For Women To Come Together To Help Each Other Succeed

29 Apr 2020 2:12 PM | Kathy Bryan, WOM President (Administrator)

Author: Kathy Bryan, Women of Martech President

In less than a month, Women of Martech has built an international membership of more than 170 women ready to amplify the voices of their peers. We knew there was a need for women within the martech industry to come together to support each other, but we did not realize how many women were craving a group like Women of Martech.

“When Americans think about leadership, they think about men, period,” noted Forbes contributor Cami Anderson in a recent article titled, “Why Do Women Make SuchGood Leaders During COVID-19?” Even most women typically think of men first when asked to identify a leader they admire.

Women hold just 6% of the CEO positions at S&P 500 companies, and only 21% of all corporate C-suite executives in America are women. But that doesn’t keep today’s female professionals from seeing themselves as leaders. “Women have finally gotten to the point and said ‘It’s our turn, and we need change, and the only way we’re going to get change is if we do something about it,’”said Muffet McGraw, former head coach University of Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team, when talking about the gender equity gap. “So,” she continued, “stop sitting back and waiting for somebody else to take the lead - take the lead.”

Patience and modesty are getting in the way of women progressing their careers. “In meetings, women tend to wait to speak until they can make an irrefutable point, while men contribute opinions without overthinking them,” according to Fern Kanter, ECP of CHMWarnick, a hotel asset management and owner advisory service.” Likewise, a 2017 article in The Atlantic, written by staff writer Olga Khazan, mentions an interview with Laurie Rudman, social psychology feminist professor and Director of the Rutgers University Social Cognition Laboratory. Rudman “emphasized how important it is for high-achieving women to own their success rather than chalking it all up to mentors and luck, even if doing so comes with a price. ‘Stereotypes about how female leaders should behave,’ Rudman said, ‘will only change when enough of us defeat them.’”

The quick growth for Women of Martech shows that women are tired of being patient and tired of being overlooked. Women within the martech industry are ready to be noticed for their achievements and innovations.

I am very excited to see the significant interest in Women of Martech, and I look forward to helping women share, amplify and grow their successes. If you have a story to share, tell us here. We’ll help you broadcast it to the world.

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