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  • 14 May 2020 4:09 PM | Kathy Bryan, WOM President (Administrator)

    Last week, the Women of Martech steering committee met for the first time ever. As this group of 12 women shared their inspiring stories and experiences, I was in absolute awe. The power of this group was palpable, even though we were meeting via Zoom. This steering committee meeting was a reminder that the stories of this group - and the stories for many women across the martech industry - need to be shared more broadly.

    We surveyed the Women of Martech steering committee members about their careers and what they wish they’d known previously. Below is a list of 15 concepts that came up repeatedly throughout the steering committee survey responses.
    1. Don’t use passive language
    2. Be comfortable asking for what you want.
    3. Seek out people you admire and study their attitudes, careers, paths and methodologies.
    4. Don’t let planning keep you from moving forward.
    5. Always ask for feedback.
    6. You don’t have to be perfect.
    7. It’s okay to fail.
    8. Silence is powerful.
    9. Speak up, even when it’s uncomfortable.
    10. Don’t take things personally.
    11. Ignore the noise, and focus on your goals.
    12. Invest in yourself.
    13. Be your own advocate.
    14. Advocate for others.
    15. Never convince yourself that you have to repeatedly prove why you are at the table or in the room.
    What’s the common theme throughout all 15 concepts listed above? Confidence.

    Sadly, too many women enter the workforce with timid spirits. Though some say the “confidence gap” between men and women is a myth, the thoughts of the Women of Martech steering committee suggest otherwise. According to a recent study by leadership development consultancy Zenger/Folkman, the largest confidence gap occurs at age 25, when 30% of women compared to 50% of men feel professionally confident. Reflective of limited confidence, younger professional women are also less likely than men to grade their work well - even when their managers see them as effective.

    So how do we help young professional women become more confident? In part, by telling them it’s okay to be proud. It’s okay to taut your accomplishments and to share your successes. Being awesome is good, not something you should hide. We need to repeatedly show young female professionals that it’s okay to be yourself - your amazing, confident, hardworking, full-of-hustle self. 

    It’s our jobs, as the female leaders of today and the role models for the leaders of tomorrow, to demonstrate that women are strong and powerful, and to remind everyone that women in leadership positions are proven to help companies boost revenue. Women of Martech was formed to help amplify the innovations, successes and accomplishments of women. Because, in this case, a louder voice must be part of the solution.
  • 29 Apr 2020 2:12 PM | Kathy Bryan, WOM President (Administrator)

    Author: Kathy Bryan, Women of Martech President

    In less than a month, Women of Martech has built an international membership of more than 170 women ready to amplify the voices of their peers. We knew there was a need for women within the martech industry to come together to support each other, but we did not realize how many women were craving a group like Women of Martech.

    “When Americans think about leadership, they think about men, period,” noted Forbes contributor Cami Anderson in a recent article titled, “Why Do Women Make SuchGood Leaders During COVID-19?” Even most women typically think of men first when asked to identify a leader they admire.

    Women hold just 6% of the CEO positions at S&P 500 companies, and only 21% of all corporate C-suite executives in America are women. But that doesn’t keep today’s female professionals from seeing themselves as leaders. “Women have finally gotten to the point and said ‘It’s our turn, and we need change, and the only way we’re going to get change is if we do something about it,’”said Muffet McGraw, former head coach University of Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team, when talking about the gender equity gap. “So,” she continued, “stop sitting back and waiting for somebody else to take the lead - take the lead.”

    Patience and modesty are getting in the way of women progressing their careers. “In meetings, women tend to wait to speak until they can make an irrefutable point, while men contribute opinions without overthinking them,” according to Fern Kanter, ECP of CHMWarnick, a hotel asset management and owner advisory service.” Likewise, a 2017 article in The Atlantic, written by staff writer Olga Khazan, mentions an interview with Laurie Rudman, social psychology feminist professor and Director of the Rutgers University Social Cognition Laboratory. Rudman “emphasized how important it is for high-achieving women to own their success rather than chalking it all up to mentors and luck, even if doing so comes with a price. ‘Stereotypes about how female leaders should behave,’ Rudman said, ‘will only change when enough of us defeat them.’”

    The quick growth for Women of Martech shows that women are tired of being patient and tired of being overlooked. Women within the martech industry are ready to be noticed for their achievements and innovations.

    I am very excited to see the significant interest in Women of Martech, and I look forward to helping women share, amplify and grow their successes. If you have a story to share, tell us here. We’ll help you broadcast it to the world.
  • 17 Apr 2020 3:48 PM | Melissa Ledesma (Administrator)

    Author: Melissa Ledesma

    Whether you are a recent female grad or a few years into your marketing career, your ability to build relationships will be invaluable to your professional growth. Future career success is innately tied to the impact of positive business relationships. Networking might sound like the greatest of all buzzwords, but in marketing, building connections with industry peers can help you find your voice, expedite your career and bring you a sea of opportunities. There is no better platform for networking than a professional trade association.

    At a time when many are facing furloughs, hiring freezes and layoffs, networking is more essential than ever. More importantly, now is a great time to focus on establishing long-lasting and tight-knit professional connections that will endure with fellow female martech professionals. The quality of your relationships will provide more benefits than quantity will alone.

    There is a long history of men getting to positions of power by leveraging their connections. Unfortunately, women are less likely to experience the same. According to the 2019 Women In The Workplace report by Lean In, in 2018 women were still seriously underrepresented at senior levels. Although the number of women in C-suite roles has increased throughout the last five years, only 21% of executive level positions in 2018 were held by women. In the report, HR professionals noted that a “lack of sponsorships” among women could be a deterrent for their career growth. Sponsors, otherwise known as advocates, are simply individuals who are connected to a person within the same organization and are in a position to provide advancement opportunities. Women need to find a combination of both women mentors and women sponsors to truly excel their careers.

    Leveraging Exclusive Member Benefits To Grow Your Career

    By joining female professional associations and organizations, like Women of Martech, women in marketing roles will gain access to peers plus unique content and experiences that are tailored to help women grow personally and professionally. Here are three ways joining a women-led trade organization can help women marketers excel their careers.

    Find A Mentor Or Future Sponsor

    Becoming a member of a trade association means inclusion. Being part of a professional organization can provide you access to other members. Many leading women’s organizations offer opportunities to interact and collaborate with fellow women. Whether you volunteer to assist a committee, contribute to a group forum or just connect with your peers through virtual events, trade associations offer a platform to increase your awareness of fellow women professionals and build connections.

    Amplification Of Your Successes

    Many trade organizations strive to distinguish their members. Amplification efforts can include a variety of awards and recognition programs, authorship of thought leadership content and publicity in association content. Professional recognition by your peers can help to establish your career and take it to the next level. Receiving an award from a trade association is often a member-only benefit. Winning association sponsored awards is an opportunity to promote your professional accomplishments.

    Discover Inspiration

    If you feel you are lacking ideas, creativity or confidence, access to content that will inspire and motivate you could make all the difference. Many female-based professional organizations publish unique content for working women in all industries. Access to information surrounding popular topics among women in business could increase your knowledge, help you hone your skill set and raise your awareness of fellow female leaders with whom you can connect

    You Can Grow Your Career During COVID-19

    While our country faces the effects of shelter-in-place orders and social distancing, the virtual benefits of being a part of a women-led trade association can provide resourceful opportunities. Women of Martech (WOM) made its debut earlier this month. Our organization is committed to promoting and amplifying the experiences, contributions, successes, achievements and innovations of women in the martech industry. WOM aims to increase the recognition of the power of women and their contributions to innovate and move the martech industry forward. One of our major initiatives in 2020 is the collection, publication and promotions of the success stories of women in martech related roles and companies. As an added bonus, membership in WOM is free for 2020. Click here to become a member.
  • 10 Apr 2020 11:37 AM | Melissa Ledesma (Administrator)

    Author: Kathy Bryan

    In 2016, during the tail end of Barack Obama’s presidency, the idea of “amplification” went viral as a way to help women’s voices be heard and their successes recognized.

    Amplification, according to Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin, was the result of women expressing how they had to “elbow their way into important meetings [at the White House]. And when they got in, their voices were sometimes ignored.” So women teamed up. When one woman made an impactful comment, other women repeated it, giving credit to the woman who originated the idea.

    Women across the U.S. struggle with the same challenge the White House women faced during the Obama administration and still face today. Holding just slightly more than one-quarter of executive and senior-level positions, women often find themselves under-represented during strategic meetings. Unfortunately, under-representation can sometimes result in female voices going unheard. Too often, women’s ideas go unshared and unexecuted.

    While strategic amplification can work well to reinforce messages during meetings, broader amplification of female achievements has the potential to change perceptions even more dramatically. The problem isn’t that people believe female professionals don’t contribute meaningfully to their businesses and industries, they just don’t know how or when women contribute because many women are reluctant to share their contributions. In fact, according to behavioral economist Christine L. Exley, women may be “more averse to engaging in self-promotion, perhaps because of societal pressures or expectations.” Because women are often reluctant to self-promote, their achievements easily go unnoticed.

    Women of Martech was designed to help the world learn more about successful women and their accomplishments. By broadly promoting the contributions women are making within the martech industry, we believe we can show the impact women are making for all of us. There are two ways you can help: become a Women of Martech member or share Women of Martech news with your network. Working together, we’ll change perceptions and change the future.

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