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Volunteer your time and shape the future of the association! We encourage all members to consider joining a committee to help WOM organize, develop and scale our efforts. Below is a list of WOM committees for 2020.

Steering: The steering committee works directly with WOM officers to lead the mission of WOM and establish the vision and strategy to move the organization forward. To become approved for a steering committee position, a member must be evaluated and approved by the WOM officers.

Activation: The activation committee is responsible for organizing and executing logistics behind member programs, monthly meetings, marketing efforts and special projects.This committee is also responsible for devising ways to increase and maintain membership.

Cheering & Motivation Committee (CMC): The CMC is the group dedicated to providing encouragement, words of support and general pep talks to fellow members who need a confidence boost. Members of the CMC will engage in short phone and video calls with members and offer inspired words of motivation and encouragement. Sometimes you need someone to remind you, "You can do it." This committee embodies the spirit of women supporting and empowering other women. 

Diversity & Equal Opportunity Committee (DEOC): The DEOC will work on programs, resources and initiatives that will highlight and recognize the value that diversity and inclusiveness brings to the marketing, technology and martech industries. The DEOC will also strive to spotlight the success stories of women of color in an effort to bring heightened awareness to their vital contributions to the industry.

By getting involved, you'll gain knowledge and insight through the exchange of ideas with fellow industry colleagues.

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