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Women Of Martech Surpasses 600 Members By Continually Providing Resources To Help Women Amplify Successes Of Selves & Peers

4 Nov 2020 1:56 PM | Nicole Settecasi

Upcoming Member-Only Workshop On How To Become A Conference Speaker Announced

Clearwater, FL – November 4, 2020 — As Women of Martech proudly reaches its latest milestone of 600 powerful and influential members, the professional organization is presenting a new opportunity for its members to excel. Although women, on average, make up just 25% of all keynote or standalone speakers at tech conferences, Women of Martech believes speaking opportunities can be powerful platforms for increasing women’s visibility, credibility and recognition in their field. To help increase the share of women on stage, Women of Martech is introducing its first-ever virtual workshop, “Women In Tech: How To Become A Conference Speaker.”

Taking place Thursday, November 12, 2020, at 2:00 PM ET, the virtual workshop will include expert insight from renowned tech conference speaker and industry thought leader, Upasna Gautam. Participating Women of Martech members will be given actionable resources and best practices to define presentation topics, identify strategic speaking opportunities and craft compelling speaker submissions. The virtual workshop is free and accessible only to Women of Martech members, and the organization encourages all members who are interested to participate.

“We know many women with the desire to amplify themselves and become event speakers stop themselves from ever trying to get on stage,” said Kathy Bryan, WOM president & chief marketing officer at Digital Media Solutions. “Imposter syndrome, among other things, keeps women from seeking opportunities that shine the spotlight on their experiences, unique insights and intelligence. To combat the lack of women speaking at events, we’re excited to offer our first virtual workshop, designed to help members enhance their visibility by strategically submitting themselves for speaking roles.”

WOM is committed to providing members with valuable tools, events and educational opportunities to continuously increase self-amplification efforts. In addition to the upcoming virtual workshop, WOM also recently launched a private LinkedIn group focused on career-related opportunities. WOM previously held two impactful virtual membership meetings, featuring executive female leaders who provided powerful strategies for amplification and tools for women to better identify their unique and competitive skills, build self confidence, optimize performance and productivity and enhance their influence and impact as leaders. Both virtual meetings are now available on demand to all WOM members. 

The content featured through each WOM initiative is based on a keen understanding of the organization’s membership base and knowledge that many women lack the tools and strategies needed to identify unique strengths and position themselves for recognition and growth. Pulling from surveys, member feedback and industry research, WOM steering committee leaders identify the factors currently impacting female amplification and limiting the number of female leaders in martech in order to provide the most valuable, relevant insight for members.

As someone whose mission is to empower women to cultivate confidence and seek the opportunities to amplify women representation on the speaker rosters in the tech conference circuit, it is so encouraging to see an organization like Women of Martech helping women to get the training and resources they need to excel,” said Gautam. “Creating opportunities like these for women in the marketing, technology and martech industries will be instrumental in increasing female representation across the board and moving each industry forward.

Gautam is the product manager on the ecommerce team at CNN where she develops and optimizes the technological infrastructure that powers the domain. She has worked in SEO and data science for a decade and has architected and managed the organic search strategies for several established blue-chip brands. Gautam has presented her thought leadership on product and search optimization at several major tech conferences across the globe, with a highlight of her professional career taking place in May 2019, when she delivered her TED talk, “Optimizing for the Next Billion.As a seasoned public speaker, Gautam has created thoughtful templates, insightful resources and practical guides from her own journey and experiences. 

Just six months since its launch, Women of Martech represents a growing, yet exclusive, group of women that are committed to promoting and amplifying the experiences, contributions, successes, achievements and innovations of women in the martech industry. Each WOM member is diligently working to increase the recognition of the power of women and their contributions to innovate and excel in their respective industries.

Today, Women of Martech represents some of the most accomplished and influential women in the marketing, technology and martech industries. Welcoming more than 600 members, WOM now spans across 270 companies and 12 countries. Among the established companies Women of Martech is proud to reflect are Johnson & Johnson, Peloton, Hilton, Amazon, American Airlines, Viacom, MRM McCann and EY -- pulling thought leaders from across the globe, from the U.S. to England and Australia. 

Women of Martech membership is free during 2020, and the organization is open to women who work at marketing technology companies in any capacity; female marketers of any company who regularly deploy technology; anyone committed to helping amplify women’s achievements in the martech industry; women with the desire to connect, engage, advance and lead the martech industry forward; and anyone in the martech industry who identifies as female. 

About Women of Martech

Launched in 2020, Women of Martech is a growing professional organization that is promoting and amplifying the experiences, contributions, successes, achievements and innovations of women in the martech industry, including actions tied to revenue, process and efficiency, diversity and inclusion and social responsibility. Women of Martech strives to increase the recognition of the power of women in the martech industry and their contributions to innovate and move the industry forward. Women of Martech encourages women in the martech industry to work together instead of compete with each other and to help increase the percentage of women in martech, especially in leadership roles. To learn more about Women of Martech, visit or email

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