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Success Spotlight: Megan Fullagar

31 Mar 2021 9:52 PM | Women of Martech Content

Megan Fullagar has demonstrated agility throughout her career, transitioning from  a career in architecture and design to B2B SaaS marketing. Now, as marketing director at Penthera Megan still believes it takes the right combination of talent and tools to get the job done right. She proactively applies her problem-solving and collaboration skills honed throughout her career to develop streamlined processes and tackle challenges head on. 

Architecture To Marketing to Master’s Degree

When Megan moved to New York 15 years ago, she started her career in architecture and design. The recession hit just a few years later, and she saw the impact of a collapsed economy on many of her friends and colleagues. Megan wanted the opportunity to help businesses achieve profitability and success in the face of the challenging business landscape and decided a shift to a marketing career path would enable her to do just that. 

Leveraging transferable skills she had developed throughout her career such as writing, design, and presentation development, Megan applied for a role in the marketing department of an architecture firm. She later moved into a new role in architecture and construction technology and consulting services. This experience helped her better understand the workings of a marketing team and the fundamentals of B2B SaaS marketing.

To complement her experience with more formal training, Megan enrolled in CUNY City College’s Branding and Integrated Communications Master’s program. This formal training helped to fill in some knowledge gaps and build her confidence as a marketer. Upon completion of this degree program, Megan was able to secure a job at Comcast Advertisers where she was responsible for their media buying platform marketing efforts. 

After a few years in this role, Megan was approached by start-up Penthera to build their marketing department from the ground up. “As Penthera’s marketing director, I feel lucky to use the accumulation of my learnings and experiences. When I look back on the challenge of changing careers, I couldn’t have reached this point without the mentorship of my managers, curiosity about the intricacies of marketing, and the support of my colleagues.”

Collaboration to Improve Outcomes

Megan loves that life at a start-up is never routine. Despite the constantly shifting priorities, one thing remains constant. “No matter what I’m honed in on, I constantly collaborate with my team to ensure we’ve thought through multiple angles. It’s refreshing to work with such an inspiring and hard-working group of women.”

Megan and her team recently recognized the opportunity to streamline their social media approval process to keep up with the speed required for relevancy in that channel. To address that challenge, she partnered with her company’s digital marketing strategist to optimize the balance of speed and quality. They removed the CMO approval step while implementing Sprout, a social media approval platform. This not only freed up time for the CMO, but is also providing a better overall media management experience with dashboards, notifications, and analytics. “We are now able to post and respond in a timely way, enabling our team to be nimble,” Megan shares.

Mobile Impact On Martech

When asked about pending changes in the industry she anticipates in the Martech space, Megan is quick to point to the evolving ways consumers use technology, sharing, “My team continually studies how younger people are adopting mobile technology more in their daily lives. I believe that a mobile-first approach will become table stakes in creating convenient and safe environments for customers to engage with brands.” Megan expects that in the over the top media industry, providers will likely see an ongoing increase in video content consumption on mobile devices. 

Advice To All Women: Take Action To Gain Visibility

Megan believes that recognition and amplification are key factors for women to rise to the top of any industry. “My advice for women to gain recognition and increase visibility includes:

  • Develop and maintain a good social network and solid interpersonal relationships with colleagues, especially other women.

  • Form alliances with people on other teams, and learn about their projects and passions.

  • Stay up to date with current trends, especially in digital marketing, by taking classes, reading books, listening to podcasts or even having a knowledge transfer meeting with an in-the-know colleague.

  • Pay it forward: Recognize and mentor women in the company.”

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