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  • 10 Apr 2020 1:43 PM | Melissa Ledesma (Piccinich)

    Source: Cognitive SEO

    The digital marketing industry is full of people worth following, reading, listening to, and eventually learning from. There’s no one who could utter the words “I did it all on my own” or “I’ve got no inspiration other than me, myself, and I, because I know all the digital marketing tips and secrets out there”.

    Digital marketing influencers, be they men or women, are sizzling in this world of continuous change and wonder, and they have thousands, if not millions of followers who sip from their cup of knowledge while craving to be like them one day.  We all have our favorite professionals, and they’re both women and men, but today it’s gonna be all about women in marketing. 

    We interviewed 20 influential women marketers and, boy, all the stuff they told us is exclusive! Needless to say, the lessons we’ve learned from them are, and undoubtedly will be, career-changing.

    Learning is a never-ending process and us humans need to be in a constant development of both mind and way of living. Learning from others’ failures and success stories is what helps us take heart, be inspired, keep up the good work, and beat all odds until we reach for the stars.

    Now, how many times did you think “Oh, I wish I knew all the hidden secrets that make a business work, especially now that I’m a beginner or I need it in my strategy. I need some guidance on X, Y, Z”. Now your wishes have come true, and the outcome is true gold.

    We started off by sending emails to influential female digital marketers across the globe, and asked them:

    If you were to recommend one digital marketing technique, what would that be?

    We thought of sharing with you the people who influenced and inspired us along our way as digital marketers. So be it digital marketing, content marketing, or social media marketing, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization, it’s all here. And they’re all exclusive tips. *Please do note this list is not following a specific order; all these female marketers are equally inspiring and a massive asset to the global digital ecosystem.

    • Make Your Customer the Hero by Talia Wolf
    • Is It Obvious Your Site Is the Best? by Marie Haynes
    • Featured Snippets Are Paramount When Prospecting for Links by Debra Mastaler
    • Listen to Your Customers by Jenny Halasz
    • Make It Easy for Brand Advocates to Connect with You by Gabriella Sannino
    • Write Less, Promote More by Alexandra Tachalova
    • Identify Your Competitors’ Missed Opportunity by Ana Matei
    • The Consumer Is What Matters Most by Susan Borst
    • Providing an Omnichannel Experience Means Power by Ann Handley
    • SEO Is Both Art and Science by Julie Joyce
    • Brand Management Should Be the Core of Marketing by Gabriela Lungu
    • Nail a Sale by Getting Your customer Open Their Hearts by Marie Forleo
    • You Have to Know Exactly What You Want by Adel de Meyer
    • Provide Your Audience with Quality Content by Lilach Bullock
    • Video Is a Great Way to Connect with People by Madalyn Sklar
    • Be a Voracious Learner by Rebekah Radice
    • Write Less and Write Better by Melissa Fach
    • Listen to the Client and the Digital Environment by Jaitrali Jhanjharya
    • Share Your Ideas by Dorie Clark
    • Pay Attention to Your Customer by Maia Novolan

    So why women?

    Interviewing people in the industry is our specialty. We love to hear digital marketing tips from renowned professionals and get better at what we do. And women marketers have always seemed to add finesse to this industry – they know how to fight and win, but also how to connect deeply and create art.

    Marie Forleo, a true thought leader in the marketing world, said once:

    "I want to change how women think of and feel about marketing. It not only helps women get the results they want, but marketing brings out our best human attributes: true listening, compassion, honesty, and a spirit of service." - Marie Forleo

    Should you have been in for some proper tasty treat, you have now dived deep into the freshest digital marketing tips ever, all coming from note-worthy professionals in the niche.

    Truth be told, you’ve reached the Cornucopia of all digital marketing tips and magic spells out there and we’d recommend you make great use of it to boost your online presence and brand marketing.

    Now, what female digital marketers inspire you and why? What’s that evergreen content marketing lesson you learned from them? 

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    Article by: Eva Nastrut

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