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The Best Strategies for Women to Negotiate a Higher Salary

19 Nov 2021 4:55 PM | Women of Martech Content
An excerpt is below. Read the full article, by Alison Doyle, in The Balance Careers

If discussing what you have earned—and what you expect to earn—makes you uncomfortable, you're not alone. A survey from Glassdoor reports that 60% of women and 48% of men believe salary history questions should not be asked. Women are also less likely to negotiate compensation, and two out of three women (68%) do not negotiate pay compared to only about 52% of men.

In many instances, women are more likely to be paid at the lower end of the scale because they start at a lower price point. Because you are currently earning less, you may be offered less. This can add up to a significant amount of lost compensation during your working career.

Read the full article, written by Alison Doyle, in The Balance Careers.

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