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"I Decided I could, So I Did"

WOM Original Interview & Podcast Series

Interview with WOM President & DMS CMO Kathy Bryan and WOM Executive Director and  DMS VP of Communications Melissa Ledesma

Podcast Description: 

"I Decided I Could, So I Did" is an original podcast series from Women of Martech. Inspired by incredible stories of Women of Martech members as they pave their way. This podcast highlights the moment before greatness. 

The podcast features women from the marketing, technology and martech industries. These influential and accomplished women discuss their the moment they decided they could and describe how they continue to push forward.

In each interview, women from a variety of martech roles share their experiences and expertise. Through the "I Decided I Could, So I Did" podcast series, Women of Martech continues its mission to increase the recognition of women in marketing and technology and amplify and promote their voices.

In This Episode

Everyone loves a good origin story!  Want to know the history and inspiration behind Women of Martech? Inspired to increase the recognition of the voices and power of women in marketing, martech and technology,  Women of Martech was launched on April 1, 2020 by co-founders Kathy Bryan, CMO  and Melissa Ledesma, VP of Communications of Digital Media Solutions. 

With a mission to promote and amplify women for their successes, contributions and innovations Women of Martech set a goal of 250 members in twelve months. WOM received more than 250 new member applications in less than 5 weeks! Fast-forward two years later, WOM represents now more than 1,200 women and allies in 22 countries. 

Hear the Women of Martech origin story and get inspired! Learn how you can become a member and help to amplify the voices and recognition of women in marketing, technology and martech. 

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